One legged robin…

This is a digression to introduce this little fella (I think he’s a he, maybe it’s a she). Anyway, he arrived last autumn trailing a completely broken right leg and flapping around outside the backdoor.


He has amazed me by surviving the winter and developing into a regular robin tyrant, bullying dunnocks and chaffinches and chasing off other robins.  He has even managed to get a girlfriend and they seem to be nesting in the hedge of the field next door.

I will try and get a better photo – he’s quite camera shy and I had to take this from indoors. 🙂



2 thoughts on “One legged robin…”

  1. My first reaction was ‘ow, poor little fellow’ – but it is amazing how hardy these guys can be, really 🙂 I have some around here too, steady customers of my bird restaurant and even under normal circumstances they can be quite aggressive… So, he is just being himself, I think 😉

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