To water or not in cold, dry weather…

Whilst much of the UK is blanketed by snow, here in north-west Wales it is bitterly cold, but sunny and as dry as dust. Temperatures are hovering just above zero in the day time and dipping just below freezing at night. However, with the wind chill, the “feels like” temperature is a good eight to 10 degrees C lower.

Amazingly, spring continues to advance in the garden. Snowdrops have given way to crocuses, which are now making way for hyacinths, daffodils and primroses. Buds are swelling and bursting on the shrubs and trees.

And my pot plants were becoming very dry.

I was (and, to be honest, remain) unsure what the best thing to do with the pots was: keep them dry in the hope that they won’t freeze, or give them the water they need. Advice on the internet seems quite mixed. In general, the clearest advice seems to come from the  States, where they’re much more adept at containerised gardening in cold, dry weather. And mostly, the advice was to water. So I am doing. Fingers crossed!Hyacinths


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