The woodlouse-eating spider – Dysdera crocata

Woodlouse spider - Dysdera crocata
Woodlouse spider – Dysdera crocata

Dysdera crocata - woodlouse spider

As the name suggests, this spider eats woodlice. It has huge jaws, which you can’t see on these pictures, and it will bite you.  Last year one got caught in my sweater and bit me. I’m sure they don’t go out of their way to be aggressive (not to humans anyway), but I wouldn’t recommend handling them. Last year was the first time I saw them in north Wales. This is the first one I’ve seen this year.

See the Natural History Museum’s site on UK spider bites for more information about this and other UK spiders that are known to bite humans.


One thought on “The woodlouse-eating spider – Dysdera crocata”

  1. They all bite, you know… 😉 Good thing I haven’t got any really dangerous ones in my personal jungle… Just a more or less painful itch for a few days…
    Thanks for visiting and following.

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