Frog spawn

The frogs are spawning. Year after year, they return to precisely the same spot and over the course of a week or so, the clumps of frog spawn pile up one on top of the other.

frog spawn clumps
A growing mound of frog spawn, 16th Feb 2014.

Last year the frogs here spawned early – at the end of January. Sadly we then had hard frosts throughout almost the whole of March and it ended up being a poor year for the frogs. This year, they’re three weeks later spawning and hopefully they’ll fare better.

It usually takes around four months for the frog spawn to become little froglets here. So these should be “ready” around midsummer.

Even if you don’t have a pond or room for a pond in your garden you can encourage frogs to visit by providing damp places, log piles and piles of stone. If you do provide a water feature for wildlife, no matter how small, it will be appreciated.

Collecting frogspawn to populate your own pond is now discouraged because of concerns about spreading disease and introducing strangers into existing territories. Instead, you are encouraged to provide the right environment and then be patient: given time, the frogs should arrive.

Frogs eat all kinds of flies, grubs and slugs and are an asset to any garden so they’re worth encouraging. And they’re cute.

There’s lots of information about all things froggy, including advice for making your garden frog friendly, at Froglife.


7 thoughts on “Frog spawn”

  1. I love coming across frogspawn – it really is a sign that life is returning to the world! Although we are having reports of great crested newts arriving in ponds already, and toads beginning to make their way to breeding ponds. It’s a little early, so I hope we don’t have a cold spell like last year.

  2. Checking daily in our little pond to see if the frogs are back, it’s a bit early for us though (although what is ‘normal’ any more?). The frogs that live in our back garden are an essential part of my organic gardening plan, I love them and always feel so happy that they come every year

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