Return of the maybugs

I know that maybugs (Melolontha melolontha) are considered “pests”, but I was very happy to spot a pair in that garden yesterday. They were cuddled up together, wrapped in the leaves of a hazel tree, just like they were having a duvet day. As the wind whipped the branches of the tree around, the bugs stayed snug in their little shelter of leaves, munching away.

Maybugs cuddling up together in a tent of hazel leaves

Today I went back to see if I could spot them again, but I could only find one of them. The lifecycle of these chafers is impressive: they will have been in the earth for two or three years as grubs and then they will have changed to their adult form last autumn and waited the winter out underground. So, it’s slightly conceivable that this pair might just be related to the pair I spotted three years ago

The now solitary maybug, still munching its way through hazel leaves.



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